I left Negreira at 5.30 am and arrived in Olveiroa at 3.30 pm, and after a shower and a collapse on my blue chintz bed, could barely eat my pilgrim meal at 5pm, but I was gratrful it wasn’t served at 8pm, or would have gone without. 

Today was a massive walk with long stages between cafes, which is always hard as it means no chance to discard a heavy backpack and rest the body.  

But it’s a beautiful walk over several mountains, through farming regions and quaint villages. 

I didn’t see another pilgrim for 12 kilometres, apart from another early riser with his head torch on, but he scuttled off into the dark never to be seen again. 

Tomorrow is my last day walking when I arrive in Finisterre and I’m ready to stop. My body is screaming and I need a sleep in. 

As I was venturing out of the dark this morning I received a message from home. I told them I was 8 ks into a 36 k day and the reply I got as follows –

And my reply – a selfie of me punching it out maaaaate

Map for today – but 36.4 k to my pension

No one as usual leaving Negreira 

Through the ancient arch out of the town

There’s something very eerie about a church in the still early morning 

Very eerie 

Off into the dark…….again. 

Out the other side

Into a sleepy village 

Galicia is famous for their grain stores

Get me a full bottle of these stat

Up with the wind turbines 

Some hat decorating to pass the time and early morning sun

Crosses left on a mossy rock – a common sight on the camino, and often woven into fences 

Gum leaves 

Across a brook 

Almost at alto 

Into another village and more alto 

With cute cows

Gathering some produce – ❤ – beautiful 

Found a spot to rest

My hat gets around 

Those dreaded spraying cylinders Alison, exactly the same spot as 2013 but luckily for me, not in my path 

Interesting beetles

More inquisitive cute cows


Teasingly on every tree…..wonder why….and with a photo of a hobbling pilgrim…..the Spanish can be very mean 

Venus navel growing out of the stones

The long long long long walk into Olveiroa at the end 

On an Albergue wall 

Home at last 

Love my garmin 

After shower ritual

Seriously shocking pilgrim meal but I’ve stayed here before and the people are beautiful….who needs food anyway.  

All those thousands of green vegetable laden fields I’ve walked past and never one on a plate, j😳.  But the people are gorgeous and there’s wine