Walking the last few days with Dean, Craig and Liz has been a hoot and I feel like I’ve known them for years. 

We all met at the Caldas church this morning and headed off into the morning fog.  I was somewhat saturated, having wandered onto the manicured church lawn for yet another photo, when the sprinklers went off…..was bound to happen sooner or later. 

Pretty much my main priority of a morning is finding a cafe for a coffee and my buddies are exactly the same.   

Walking through leafy tracks in the hills for most of the cool morning was beautiful, and when we spied the outskirts of a village we knew coffee was imminent. 

The path is busy with pilgrims now all excitedly making their way to Santiago, and a coffee stop is a certainty for seeing many you’ve met along the way, who you haven’t seen for some time. 

It’s just one big friendly love fest, hugging, chatting, recounting stories from the way, everyone relaxed in the thought that their hard slog of many days and weeks is about to end, and Santiago is just out of reach until tomorrow. 

We are all off to find the best Padròn peppers we can. 

So until tomorrow. 
The path is littered with beautiful and varied water fonts, most of them potable

Caldas church

Got a bit wet in the middle of these and had to run the gauntlet 

The colours of Caldas, rustic 

Another water font 

Oh yes, just around the corner

Today’s selfie

Backpacks patiently waiting 

Camino Graffiti in the cafe

We had the cafe window to see all our buddies coming in for coffee

Miracles happen on the camino 

Safety in numbers – letting the pilgrims know who’s boss

The army boys were great sports


Street appeal

Our Belgian friends caught up with us having a drink in Padron. The chap on the left is lucky to be alive. He was hit by a truck walking the camino 5 years ago and his friend was killed. It is a miracle he survived, he spent months and months in hospital.  He was told he would never walk again.  His best friend promised to bring him on another camino, and now he has. 


My sweet pilgrim hotel – can you spot my room there is a clue